we pride ourselves on our forward-thinking operational skills and vast experience in the provision of trustworthy physical security services. We're a leading Contact Us PARADIGM SECURITY SERVICES security services We always make sure our system hae the latest technology for CCTV and remote access We're fully equipped Contact Us WE OFFER HIGHEST QUALITY WORK with latest technology Our VIP Securities are ready to protect, they are well trained, Just know you are fully protected with us. We're highly Contact Us WE OFFER HIGHEST QUALITY WORK trained and professional

Reliable Security Company guided by innovation and professionalism

Our company always seek to provide best security services to individuals, corporate and private properties in South Africa and Ghana.

Our security officers are well-motivated, professionally trained, drilled and psyched into the rudiment, the technicalities and complexities of the security business of our day. Unlike the others, they do not see this just as a job because there are no jobs, but as a profession they love, appreciate and cherish. 

Through our proficiently disciplined men some of whom are retired personnel from the Ghana Armed Forces and the Police Services with vast experience in industrial and commercial security, our selection process place emphasis on intelligence.


Security Training

We are PSIRA Accredited, We provide best training for security services.

VIP Escort

We also sends out a team of task force and response team for the
purpose of gathering information.

Manned guarding

We provide you with insured, and bonded Security Officers. Each Security Professional has been screened to the standards.

Guard dogs

Our Dogs are highly trained for protection.

Body guard

We provide armed and Unarmed body guards who are highly experienced in the security industry. 

CCTV, Alarms & access

CCTV Cameras, Security Alarm Systems & Access Control Systems for home and business sector

We provide high level of expertise in the Private Security Industry.


We are aiming to protect people from physical violence, whether from the state or external states. Don’t wait until it’s too late.


For Corporate field we provide security for Company Events, Meetings, Personal Escort or general Building Security.


Leaving materials lying around overnight with no sign of security in place is a criminal’s heaven.


Security Training Available

Firearms Training

Firearms training courses that include all the paperwork and licenses

Grade E to A training

When it comes to becoming a security guard, you will need to learn these grades

Supervisory and Management Programmes

To manage various employees and aspects of the business simultaneously 

9+ Years of Experience

PSIRA Accredited

24/7 availability

Call any day, any time


Work with detailed reports

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Our company always seek to provide best security services to individuals, corporate and private properties in South Africa and Ghana.